2012 Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon,
    Truth about Cars,
    Feb. 10

    o Jeep® promises that they have made the most
    civilized Wrangler ever without sacrificing off-road performance, Truth about
    Cars said. Despite 25 years of continual improvements to make the Wrangler more
    suited to the commuter shopper, thankfully little has been done to alter the
    look of the go-anywhere brand, the website said. The Wrangler seems to have lost
    little of its off road charm over the years, the article said. It’s obvious the
    Wrangler’s new interior was designed with daily driving comforts in mind; the
    off-road faithful will be glad to hear that the dash plastics, while more
    visually appealing are still hard and easy to wipe down, the article said. The
    Wrangler continues to be a unique vehicle in a class all to its own, and with
    the 2012 improvements, the Wrangler has achieved a decent balance of being a
    passable commute car for the weekend trail warrior, the Truth about Cars