Fiat 500: Little car shoulders huge responsibility in U.S., USA Today, June 1
o The 500, which starts at $16,000 and is the first Fiat sold in the U.S. since 1983, is the foundation for the Italian brand’s return to the U.S. market, USA Today said. “The 500 sets the stage,” Fiat U.S. chief Laura Soave said, the paper reported. To keep the pot boiling, a convertible version is going on sale now, and Soave says an “Abarth” high-performance model and an electric version will be coming next year, USA Today said. Initial enthusiasm from buyers and reviewers has made the 500 “a tiny little ‘halo’ car, the article said.”Now there’s reason for optimism toward more Fiats and the forthcoming Fiat-based small cars from Chrysler,” says Jason Allan, a managing editor at auto researcher Kelley Blue Book, the paper said.