All I can say is MOPAR PLEASE!!!!!

          Has anyone seen the new 2011 Redline Charger?  Wow.  Maybe a different set of wheels, but other than that…perfect execution.  This is an awesome rendition of what most guys with a family would want to do with his wifes ‘grocery getter’.  The only things I could think of to make this ride a little cooler would be an Arrington 426, a STS turbo setup, or some other sort of power adder.  From the description on allpar, it sounds like they already have the handling on this car nailed down.  So, slip on over to and check it out under the Sema coverage section.  I’m telling you guys and girls…Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram are rockin.  With the quality of the stuff thats coming out from them and the aftermarket support we are getting….well lets just say the other ‘Big Two'(LoL) better start retooling….SOON!