Guys and girls….if you have been around or worked in our dealership long enough then you have heard of June Robinson.  She was an awesome customer…. the little old lady with the insane SRT-8 Grand Cherokee…..supercharged.  June was not only a customer here, but came to be one of my closest friends through the trials of building a monster vehicle like hers.  She lived life as fast as she possibly could and I think ‘the proof was in the puddin.’  June raced her Jeep several times at our local 1/8th mile dragstrip.  She also planned to attend several track days at Carolina Motorsports Park and Road Atlanta, although health issues and doctors would not accomodate such.  I remember the funniest thing she ever told me was how she cussed her doctors because they wouldn’t give her a clean bill of health so that she could go race her hotrod at a sanctioned event….although she used a little more aggressive language. Just picture it….

      It hurts me to tell you all that she is not with us anymore.  She had an accident in her front yard this past Saturday and passed away instantly from what I understand.  This is a great loss to our community, not only our dealership and persons.  She funded several K-9 programs for local police departments as well as bought several dogs for them.  She was a retired dog trainer.  Just recently she was involved with weather stations and provided our local news stations with upcoming weather changes that were picked up by her own equipment.  In talking with her, these were some of the things that she enjoyed most…as well as crinkle cut french fries…lol.  June is to be cremated, so there will probably not be a funeral service, but a memorial service will be held on Friday @ 2:00 at Living Waters Funeral Home in Lyman.  God Bless.